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Portrait of Werner Vogels

Werner Vogels

CTO & VP Amazon

“I see a lot of opportunities in the data Owlin collects, the fact that they are able to do real-time analysis is in my opinion very valuable.”

Portrait of Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Co-Founder The Next Web

“Real-time news analysis is a hot topic. Owlin provides a powerful solution that goes way beyond our own digital sense. It's a very promising idea for a promising market.”



You decide which topics of interest you want to follow. Owlin continuously tracks hundreds of thousands of websites, blogs and other news sources across the world and pushes every update straight to your desktop. There is no limit to the number of searches running concurrently. Searches can be tailored as finely as you wish.


Owlin’s software clusters related articles to determine the size and importance of the news. Owlin also ranks the news, according to the number of sources and the speed of distribution, to determine the amount of ‘buzz’ the news receives. Owlin is multi-lingual: define your search in English and receive results in every language. To execute these tasks Owlin uses Natural Language Processing, Entity Recognition and proprietary software.


In the web-based Newsroom, results are displayed in graphics to show volume peaks and reveal patterns at a glance. You can set triggers to receive alerts by e-mail. Owlin’s Newsroom can be customized to suit the look and feel of your own systems. Corporate clients can also choose to integrate Owlin’s API (data feed) into their systems.

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