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Never miss a risk, opportunity or emerging trend. Our news analysis algorithms provide you with intelligence on all events relevant to your business or portfolio — in multiple languages and in near real-time.

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ING Bank

Anticipate opportunities and read the market

Providing ING Bank Lending Services with advanced analytics to anticipate opportunities in their portfolio, identify leads and get a comprehensive perspective on their markets.

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Detect risk & compliance breaches

Monitoring counterparty risk and compliance breaches — enabling Ingenico to mitigate risks and minimize losses.

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Research current and upcoming trends

Enabling live insights into regulatory, investment and technology trends, categorized by industry sector, peers or specific themes.

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A photo of Werner Vogels

Werner Vogels

CTO & VP Amazon

“I see a lot of opportunities in the data Owlin collects, the fact that they are able to do real-time analysis is in my opinion very valuable.”

A photo of Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Co-Founder The Next Web

“Real-time news analysis is a hot topic. Owlin provides a powerful solution that goes way beyond our own digital sense. It's a very promising idea for a promising market.”