Owlin Portfolio Dashboard

Track your entire portfolio

We help you to monitor your environment proactively, continuously and in real-time. By tapping into more than 3 million global sources, we significantly boosts visibility and transparency of key risk events, trends and opportunities. Owlin seamlessly integrates with any existing platform.


Owlin White Label

Showcase thought leadership to your market

Visualize data-driven trends on global indices, industry sectors, themes, and companies. See trends emerge within a specific industry or over time. Inspire your clients with our white-labeled showcase dashboards, websites, and widgets.

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Owlin API

Integrate Owlin with your end user platform

Integrate Owlin with your end-user platform through our API. Leverage your business cases with our cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions. Get visualized insights with our custom widgets.

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Actionable Intelligence

We use the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to monitor, analyze, and visualize more than 3 million news sources worldwide — in over 11 different languages and in near real-time. Clients use Owlin for business opportunities, risk management, research or leveraging their business case by integrating our platform with their end user solutions.
Owlin analyzes over 11 different languages. These languages cover around 80 percent of all languages used on the internet.
Using natural language processing and entity recognition features, similar news pieces are clustered and visualized.
Over 3 million news sources are all analyzed in near real-time.
News articles are ranked and visualized by buzz, risk, or sentiment to provide you with informative at-a-glance insights.
Fully customizable dashboard that can be modified and integrated within your end-user platform.
Extremely Fast
Near real-time detection speeds give you a competitive edge in situations when time matters.
Owlin adapts to its clients, is knowledgeable, and works both quickly and precisely.
Safe and Secure
We take great pride in working according to the highest compliance and security standards.

Use Cases

Within today’s informational overflow and complex economy, monitoring clients and investment portfolios is a time-consuming activity. Yet, your environment expects you to stay on top of the game and not miss out on any key developments.
Owlin helps you stay ahead of the market by identifying opportunities or important events and providing comprehensive perspectives on your portfolio. We do this by applying machine learning and natural language processing technologies that filter the news and prioritize the key events.
You will be better informed of all the important developments in your portfolio. This allows you to focus on building customer trust, generating new opportunities, and leading the conversation with your clients and stakeholders.
Research and Strategy
Market research and strategy professionals need to analyze lots of data before being able to produce and share insights. With an ever-increasing amount of data available, new insights are outdated in no time.

Owlin’s tailored AI-driven solutions use millions of data points to generate real-time views on topics such as technological trends, regulatory developments, and investments. These can all be categorized by industry sectors, peer landscapes, or custom themes.
Having customized real-time insights available enables you to monitor where trends are heading and lets you lead the conversation with clients and stakeholders. Base your day-to-day operations on Owlin’s research and translate your knowledge to new opportunities.


"We have been consistently impressed; everyone we've worked with at Owlin has been tremendous."

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"Producing useful, early insights into key company and industry news, Owlin also provides us with the overview and the lead time to respond to this information faster and in a more structured and effective manner."

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"Owlin provides us with a news feed of relevant articles in real-time - ensuring that we are always up to speed with the latest developments that could affect our merchants and partners."


"Their ability to come up with innovative designs, strong data visualizations, and an understandable user interface exceeded our expectations time and time again."