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Actionable Intelligence

Never miss an opportunity, risk or emerging trend with our real-time news analysis platforms.

Owlin uses the latest AI and machine learning technologies to monitor, analyze and visualize more than 3 million news sources worldwide — in 8 languages and all in near real-time. News flows are clustered and ranked by volume, delta, relevance, disruption, or specific alerts. Our platform covers numerous types of sources, including traditional media, corporate sites, government publications, academia, blogs, specialist sites, forums and news organizations.

Clients use Owlin for identifying business opportunities, risk management, research, or leverage their business case by integrating our platform with their end user solutions. See the showcases below for examples how clients use Owlin.

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Owlin analyzes news in English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch and Polish.
Using Natural Language Processing and Entity Recognition, similar news is clustered and visualized.
Over 3.000.000+ sources (and counting) are all analyzed in near real-time.
News is ranked and visualized by buzz, risk, or sentiment, providing you with at-a-glance insights.
Full customization, and possibility to integrate in your end user platform.
Extremely Fast
High detection speeds give you a competitive edge in situations where time matters.
Owlin adapts to its clients, is knowledgeable and works fast and precise.
Safe & Secure
We work according to the highest compliance and security standards.

Our Products

Owlin Portfolio Dashboard
Track your entire portfolio
  • Never miss an emerging opportunity, risk, or emerging trend at your counterparties.
  • Interactive visualizations cover your entire portfolio, and enable you to see where it happens at a glance.
  • Custom-made dashboards, tailored to your workflow.
Owlin API
Integrate Owlin with your end user platform
  • Integrate Owlin with your end user platform through our API.
  • Leverage your business case with our AI.
  • Get visualized insights with our custom widgets.

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